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The Power of 3

Remember that TV show, Charmed, about the three modern-day witches who, together, had greater power than if they were separate? I’m going to tell you about the magic of attaining weekly goals by organizing them in 3’s.

If you are like me, you feel like you work harder every year for an ever decreasing paycheck. We can blame the economy, the government, global warming and more. But the only hard fact is that you’re too busy on that hamster wheel to even do much about the world’s affairs, much less keep yourself organized.

Identify your three main goals. List your three main goals on a white board.

Power of 3 Work Smarter not Harder first

About a year ago, one of my business clients recommended that I use dry erase white boards. My client is a super organized woman. She owns four brands and she has a family and she still has time to give advice to people like me. I hesitated to tell her that I had tried to stay organized with white boards before but using them made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. So I told her I’d try them, again.

What do you have to do to achieve those goals?

Power of 3 Work Smarter not Harder 2

That’s when she said, “You know, you don’t want to put all your goals and tasks on one board. You can have as many boards as you want but you need to use the Power of 3.”

The Power of 3, she explained, was a simpler divide and conquer way of achieving weekly tasks and goals. By grouping tasks in threes on one white board, made each task manageable to 1: visualize, 2: handle and 3: complete.

Check off your daily/weekly completed Tasks.

Power of 3 Work Smarter not Harder 3

You can have more than one white board, but you should only write 3 tasks that are in the same goal or task type, say, for one brand or business. And, on each board, stick with grouping 3 hints or 3 tasks, or 3 names, for each of your 3 weekly goals. Stick with The Power of 3!

Power of 3 Work Smarter not Harder last

I now have about 5 whiteboards. And each of them contain simple 3 bullet-point goals and tasks that I want to accomplish. It is now much easier to keep goals organized, both in my head, and on my calendar. I’m able to see where I’m falling behind, and I can adjust easily because there’s not too much to look at on each board. I hope you try the Power of 3 so you can work smarter, not harder. It works.

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