Video for Business

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We Make Custom “Low-Brow” Videos

Video for Business

You MUST have video on your website.

You MUST use video to help market your brand or product.

What is “low-brow video?” It is video used to quickly show your customer or future customer who you are.
Low-brow video is a cost-effective way to SHOW and TELL people exactly what you want them to see.
Whether you shoot a one minute video inviting friends to a benefit, or you shoot a three minute interview, low-brow video can make a big difference in your marketing.
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Video for business by mafia hairdresser
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Use Video To:

  1. Show off your product.
  2. Tell your “1, 2, 3” way of doing business that is better than your competition’s way.
  3. Project the personality of your business into the hearts of you prospective clients.
  4. Show who you are and what kind of passion you have for your product.
  5. Highlight your qualified staff.
  6. Give free how-to’s and teach or inform viewers a valuable piece of information.
  7. Show behind the scenes.
  8. Promote new services.
  9. Reveal new products.
  10. Interview other top professionals to show how aligned you are to their topics.
  11. Brand your businesses.
  12. Highlight your skills.
  13. Showcase an event.

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Don’t spend money on big productions!

  • Show

    Show prospecive clients who you are.

  • Tell

    Tell future clients what you want them to know about you.

Low-Brow Video is Quick and Affordable

  • Film

    We will capture your business and you!

  • Editing

    We use your branding logos and graphics or make them for you.

Writing + Director + Editing + Interviewing

  • Talk to Me

    Best way to show what you know.

  • Edits

    This director will edit to get that special 1 to 3 minute nugget of information.

Green Screen, Lower Thirds, Background Designs: We can do just about anything! Call 773-505-4400

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