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Using Social Media Requires Goals

baby bird using social MediaDid you know that 60% of new Twitter Users quit within a month of joining? And this statistic was from a 2009 study. Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. There are 150,000 new Twitter users signing up every day. And there are already over 500,000,000 registered Twitter users. That means that your clients and potential clients are (via statistics) joining Twitter as well! The Twitter party is already going strong.

“Twitter is an online social networking service and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “Tweets.” ~ Wikipedia

social media requires goalsIt’s now almost 2014, so the percentage of Twitter-Quitters will be even greater than 60% because most new users join because, well, they don’t know why.

My experience using social media and interacting with “Newbie Twitter Users” informs me that anyone who doesn’t have specific Twitter goals won’t be Twitter Users for very long.

Whether you are an individual, a Barber Shop or a Not-For-Profit, you should know why you are using social media and investing your time on Twitter.

1980s: I was a very successful salon owner and I spent hours at Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Meetings, cocktail mixers, fundraisers and community functions. This was the best way to personally find potential new clients and make bonding partnerships that drove my business to success.  But now with Twitter, I can reach even more people and businesses than I ever could before. AND TWITTER CAN BE VERY PERSONAL!

Is Twitter a time-suck? Nope!: I only spend 2 hours at the beginning of every month, (to “auto-tweet“) and then 10 minutes a day on Twitter to respond to my “Mentions” and “Direct Messages,” as well as Re-Tweet my Twitter Friend’s tweets.

But if I didn’t have goals, how would I know if Twitter was working for me or not? Start tweeting, but be clear why you or your small or large business is tweeting. Your goals will help you narrow down whom you follow and how much you will tweet and what you will tweet about.
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