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Twitter for Salons and every industry tutorial

IMG_0987bI am so happy to be bringing you my latest Video Tutorial: Twitter For EVERY Industry. So many industries read my eBook: Twitter for Salons, Spas, Barbers & EVERY Industry that I knew I had to make a video companion so anyone who were visual learners could use Twitter to find more customers, more leads, donors or ticket buyers.

Twitter for Salons! Twitter for EVERY INDUSTRY!

Twitter is SEO. Twitter is Job Security. Twitter is for brands, businesses and service providers. Twitter is Visual and can build your other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Twitter is not Time consuming!

This video uses the barber/beauty industry and not-for-profit industries as examples because they involve: Storefronts, Service, Retail, Online Sales, Employee Satisfaction/Acquisition and Customer Service; ALL OF WHICH YOU CAN USE TWITTER TO ADDRESS!


Twitter for EVERY Industry is only $19.95 and includes two FREE eBooks! (You’re saving $7.90)

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  • Social Media Tips
  • Top Professional Salon Product Deals
  • #SalonSpaChat Episodes
  • GoalAchiever.Club Inspiration
  • Salons, Spas, Barbers, Customers and EVERY Industry!
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