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If you do these 2 Top Website Tips, you will be so much more ahead of the pack.

Top Website Tip #1: Make sure that for all your text, such as a paragraph and a half, you then include a graphic. This way, 20 to 50% of what a page view sees is graphics.

People who view websites now are so prone to becoming bored. They want to SEE how. They want to get the Visuals of what you are talking about. Doing this will increase times visits per page, whether on your about page on your website or on your blogs.

Top Website Tip #2: Include a call to action on every page of your website, including your blogs. A call to action is what you want people to do. It may be to sign up for your email list, comment on your blog, or click on another blog or buy your book.

It’s okay to ask! You can even ask people to sign up for your email list in your blog, and not just in a popup or a graphic.

These top website tips are so widely NOT used in websites that I had to bring it up! It will make and break your business!

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