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The Future of Salon Retail is here!

The Future of Salon Retail

The future of salon retail is here and it’s been here for a while and we had all better shake hands with it; real soon. Customers want to be able to purchase and reorder the very same products you recommend and carry in your barber shop. Salons, barber shops and spas should have the ability to sell products online because that is what the customer wants.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if your business is not utilizing social media as part of an ongoing marketing calendar, you will not be in business five years from now. Now: I’m also predicting that if your business does not embrace online retailing, your competitors, who are listening to their client’s, will; and they will take your clients.

Future of Salon Retail

Your clients are now purchasing over 2. 6 Billion dollars’ worth of hair products out of the salon environment; and your salon or barber shop is not making a dime off any of those purchases. Personally, I detest when my clients buy products online, or anywhere that I am not, because they end up buying a product that does terrible things to their hair and then I have to fix and repair the damage! Why can’t all my clients save that money they’d spend on my pricey re-constructors and treatments and just buy the shampoo and conditioner that I recommend? Oh yeah, the internet and impulse buying…

The solution is here!

Recently I began carrying Beth Minardi Signature Hair Care products through CosmProf. It’s a wonderful line and you can read about them here or at My CosmoProf representative, Doug Finley, informed me that I could also sell Beth Minardi products to my clients online. Wha? I’ve been preaching & teaching social media as well as wishing for online retail so long that I didn’t know it was already available.

Click video below to hear what Beth Minardi has to say about the future of salon retail:

Why should your salon, spa and barber shop embrace the Future of Salon Retail?

  1. Your clients are going to buy online whether you like it or not so why not get the commission?
  2. If you have online retail for your customers they will still order what you recommend and even more!
  3. You can lower your stock overhead.
  4. When you have an online porthole to recommend to your clients YOU don’t have to take the order and then ship the product but you get the commission!
  5. By being able to sell online you won’t have to worry if you run out of a particular size or product.
  6. You can “virtually” stock more product lines than you could actually stock in your shop.
  7. You will be able to sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

I’ve only been selling online for a few months and I’m happy to coach you how to as well. As I’ve stated, I use and I’m very happy with the service. Most importantly: my clients love it! I’ve loved the service so much and they’ve appreciated how I’ve been creatively marketing my favorite products to my clients that now I’m an associate.

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