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Product Review: The Body Comb

I can’t even remember how or why Stephan Bachtell, inventor of the The Body Comb: Body Comb, sent me sample of The Body Comb. I didn’t think it was special at first but I’m here to tell you that, as a stylists and colorist, I cannot live without it.

the body comb

Stephen sent my sample to me with a challenge to see for myself or figure out how to use it. Unfortunately, I’m way too busy to figure anything out, so I gave a few of the combs to my clients and asked them to report back. Months have gone by and I forgot all about the comb until recently I picked one out of my cutting drawer and I used it to pre-comb every section of long hair of a customer I was using a straightening iron on.

the body comb2

This is also the best comb to have in the backbar to comb conditioners through wet hair. It will detangle well for you. I recommend only using the dark colors in the backbar because the lighter colors stained pretty quickly because I use a lot of color.


I now also use the Body Comb to not only style, but it is one of the best teasing comb for all hair types. I now love this comb and I apologize to Stephan for throwing it in a drawer for so long. I’m a marketing guy so I think I would give people a heads up instead of a challenge, so that’s my only excuse. 

This is a great comb to retail to your customers because they can both style with it, comb through in the shower and it comes in so many colors!

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