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Before you invest more money on your social media video content read this:

For most of us social media trainers and consultants, the biggest part of what we do is trying to convince our clients not to spend money, but to spend more time. I have a client and she wants to more video content to use for her social content. When I first started working for her, I must have impressed upon her that video is important for her business in today’s marketing. I had made her 4 “low-brow” videos to use as content: to put up on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. The client loved them but now wants more upscale videos, one’s that would cost 10 x’s more than the ones I previously made.

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I was originally hired by said client to get her company up and running with Social Media. Proper social media is like a parade horse that pulls a cart which shows off the content, such as blogs and videos, through the streets of the internet. The problem is that the client wants to put the cart before horse on streets that have not been lined with people. Neither her company, nor herself, has ever had much of an online presence. Even if I made ten expensive videos for her, without a proper parade horse to show them off and with no spectators at that parade, no one will see them.

There’s another problem with spending big money on graphics, blogs, art or video for posts that are going out on social media. You don’t know how well they will perform. I say test whether your followers like your blogs, videos or Instagram pictures. This will narrow down what to invest on in the future.

Ask yourself 3 questions before you invest big money Video or expensive content:

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1) Are all of your social media profiles and website up to date?
You can have a professionally written blog or video, but if your content brings a viewer/reader back to your website or LinkedIn profile that looks outdated, your high-brow content may even contradict the impression your social presence is giving out.

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2) Are you using your social media channels properly?

Social media is about nurturing and strengthening potential & current relationships, both personal and professionally. If, daily, you are building up dialogue, conversations and gaining followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google , , , …then it might be time to step up your game and invest in some professionally curated blogs, email design or videos. But first…


3) Are you regularly looking at your analytics?
Look at your analytics. Check to see what tweets are working for you. Which Facebook and LinkedIn posts work for you? This will tell you where you will need to invest. More blogs… Press releases… Video… You will also be able to tell if the content you have is actually converting to clicks or conversion. If your low-brow content is doing great, then spend more time and more money on that type of content.

If you are just starting to be a better marketer for your business, please talk to a social media consultant first. Get your ducks in a row before investing big money on content which may never be seen.

You see, it’s the internet where you share your content, such as videos. But, if no one’s listening to you, spending money on expensive content would not be a great Return on your Investment (ROI) until you build up more followers, more relationships and more conversions!

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