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Social Media for Not For Profits


The non-for-profit world has changed. Volunteers have limited time and they are more inclined to join organizations that they found online or have grown an affinity for because of media. Brands and sponsors are spending and donating less. Ticket buyers are saving money by staying home instead of going out to the theater. Religious and spiritual institutions are closing at an unprecedented rate due to lack of funds.

Squeeky Wheel

The “Squeaky Charity” gets the Money

Sponsors, Donors and Brands are more willing to work with non-profits that are widely recognized and that translates into more donations and dollars. Social Media for not-for-profits increases your Organization’s public profile and reach. Sponsors, Donors and Brands must look at an Organization’s Social Media reach to make sure their valuable donations, logos, sponsorships and company name is seen by as many people as possible.

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Volunteers want to be working with non-profits that are having an impact. Your organization may have a really big positive impact but without social media very few people may not know about it: this is a missed opportunity.

Your Organization Depends on Existing Members AND “New Blood” for Growth

Having a strong Social Media presence has become vital to attracting new donors, volunteers, future staff members and sponsors. A social Media presence is also essential to keeping existing donors, volunteers, staff members and sponsors active and engaged. Active members attract attention and like-minded people to your organization. If your organization does not make use of a social media strategy, you may lose the interest of your existing constituents to other organizations who create “buzz” and understand the “social” in social media. “New Blood” is new bodies with new ideas and new money. If your organization does not have a healthy influx of new members you will lose the benefits of new blood.

New People New Money

How can your Organization become squeaky?

Your organization needs to get the word out about your accomplishments and the best way to do that is via social media.  It’s all about the buzz:  Who is talking about you?  What are they saying?  How often are they saying it?  Social Media will give you the tools to get that buzz going and to keep it going. What are your tools? How can you become an Organization that is squeaky or loud? A loud Organization is found easily on a Google Search and visible to prospective donors and volunteers via Twitter or Facebook.  When people start talking about your organization, brands and individuals will turn to your organization when they are looking to get involved, therefore, it is extremely important for Not-For-Profits to create a strong social media presence. Having a strong Social Media presence has become essential and you need to be able to use if effectively.  Social Media for not-for-profits will allow your message to reach thousands of potential sponsors, volunteer, clients and even future employees.

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