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“I’m on Twitter. But I really don’t get it.”

So many businesses and organizations begin using Twitter without “reading the directions.” If you’ve already entered the Twitter party and you don’t think that Twitter is working for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you interacting?
  • Are you entering, igniting and having Twitter conversations?
  • Are you clearly inviting people to your business or event and make it easy for them to do so with one click?
  • Are you auto-tweeting at-least 3 to 5 tweets a day? You didn’t think that all of those tweets you were seeing were produced in real-time, did you?
  • Are you sharing other’s tweets as you would like yours shared?
  • Are you being reciprocal? Are you attending the same type of events you want people to attend of yours?
  • Did you set any goals when you signed up with Twitter? More business? More money?

“If you want to grow your business: TWITTER is the best social media platform for you!” – Mafia Hairdresser

4.99 amazon click Twitter forSalons, Spas, Babers&EVERY INDUSTRY!This eBook is for EVERY INDUSTRY. We teach Twitter using the salon, spa, barber & beauty industry because this industry deals with:

  • Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Employee Retention & Acquisition & Satisfaction
  • Retail Storefront & Online Selling
  • Service Provider

“This is an amazing guide on how to generate new business via twitter. I’d say any type of business could use these tips to create productive twitter leads. I highly recommend this book!” – Mitch B. – Illinois Amazon Review Twitter for NFP Whether you are a spiritual group, a theater group, NFP, or a once-a-year event that raises funds to put Solar Power in Chicago Schools: you need public awareness and a constant influx of volunteers, new members, funds and donors.

Twitter can help your organization reach its goals.

We believe you should learn how to manage your own inbound marketing in-house as opposed to hiring expensive outside agencies.  We recommend the Video Tutorial: TWITTER FOR EVERY INDUSTRY companion to receive the whole picture of how it all works together.

2.99 amazon click

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  • Click Here to Learn How to Make a Twitter Profile that Attracts New Customers instead of Repelling them.
  • Click Here to Learn How to Tweet Like an Expert with just one Tip!



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You will learn how find your prospective customers as well as be found by your future customers via the internet.

Social Media 101 is for:

  • Small & Medium Businesses, Sole Proprietors
  • Not-For-Profits, Spiritual Groups, Theaters
  • Individual Service Providers, Bloggers
  • Barber/Beauty Industry

99 cents Amazon Kindle Format click Twitter forSalons, Spas, Babers&EVERY INDUSTRY! (1)This is your social media 101 primer. Email Lists & Newsletters – Cultivation, Curation, and Consistency Website or Home Base – Blogs, Call to Action, SEO How to find your Customer Avatar & find out what Social Media Platforms your Current Customers are using. Learn, Prepare & Commit to your Social Media Marketing. Build Your Content – Blogs, Information, Video, Pictures, Behind the Scenes, Product Reviews, Customer Spotlights, Neighboring Businesses. We recommend the Video Tutorial companion to receive the whole picture of how it all works together. they all work together.

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