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Product review: Sisley Eye Contour Mask.

Right away I want to tell you that this product works. The Sisley Eye Contour Mask is the best of the best in terms of removing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. And when you do get rid of those morning eyes, you look younger, your eyes feel better rested and you just feel better when you look in the mirror. I’ve been in the beauty and cosmetics industry for a long time. I’ve used and sold a lot of under-eye products. I used to work for Christian Dior, which is another excellent line, like Sisley, so I know I know what works.  How you use this product is to put a little dab on your finger and really coat the under eye. Let it sit for ten minutes and then carefully use a tissue to wipe it off. It will not feel greasy nor do you have to wash your eye and I don’t even apply eye crème afterwards. The price point of this product is $145 and it’s well worth it if you’re like me, over 40, and you do a lot of camera or working in the public eye.  The Eye Contour Mask from Sisley will also help the lines around your face look visibly reduced as well as the eye lids and a special tip from me is to make sure when you wipe off the mask to run that tissue around the eye lids to get that benefit.

If you can’t afford the Eye Contour Mask right now, put your pennies in a piggy bank and treat yourself this excellent product later. In the meantime, I’ll offer you a great beauty tip: Use Cornstarch and Water and apply liberally to the under eye area. Don’t wash your face or eyes before. Just smear that wet drippy paste on. Then wash your face and eye area, apply your eye crème and moisture crème and ta-da, smooth under eyes and the dark circle will be gone as well because, like the Eye Contour Mask from Sisley, the corn starch and water pulled toxins out of the fatty area under your eye which creates puffiness and dark circles. This has been another product review from Mafia Hairdresser. I’m so happy many of you appreciate my product reviews and have tweeted to me and posted on my Facebook Page to do more.  I’m listening to you! And please keep the conversation going, LIKE my Mafia Hairdresser Facebook Page.  You can get some good deals there that I do not post on Instagram or Twitter. Make sure you sign up for my email list so you know when my video tutorials are released!

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