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Self Publishing

Are you thinking of writing a business book? A novel? A humorous book of antidotes? Let these Self-Publishing experts give you some advice!

Join authors, Jon-David and Heidi Thorne as they talk to other authors, wanna-be authors and anyone interested in self-publishing. This is a special one-time event where anyone can join this Blab Show. Just subscribe to the Blab above and then log in to your Blab via your Twitter account. Anyone can take a seat. Anyone can ask questions or offer advice and participate!

Click Here to View Snippet of this great Episode on the “Social Media Salon” YouTube Playlist

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Self Publishing – “Working with Heidi on getting my book published made life so much easier and took my book from a really good piece to an excellent resource.  I was so glad I decided to work with her on the project and didn’t try to do it myself…. Heidi is extremely knowledgeable in this area.  Her warm, caring, and patient way is a great match for most business owners looking to have their book be a tool for their business.” Michelle Smith, Z & B Consulting, author of Be Strategic, Be Intentional, Be Successful

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