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Salon Suites

Salon Suites renters make more money than the average salon, spa or barber shop employee.

This is one of the reasons owners can’t keep staff members anymore.

I had not been a Salon Suites renter long  before I realized just what a special bunch we are. When I left the salon that I had been associated with for over 15 years, it was not to leave them. I left because I am and have always had the entrepreneurial spirit. And, guess what? Most service providers do not want the hassle of learning how to do more than anything but the skills they want to use for there services.. This is why Salon Suites renters make more money: we make use of our time between clients and we are willing to learn what it takes to build a business. I honestly don’t know any Salons Suites renter who has not succeeded!

( I’m a Phenix Salon Suites renter but I also recommend Sola Salon Suites and Salon Lofts etc. We are all the wave of the future and in solidarity this industry will grow!)

Most owners or franchise owners of Salon Suites are not necessarily “salon people,” meaning: that they probably didn’t go to a barber school or a cosmetology academy to do hair and then open a shop. Salon Suites owners are business people, first and foremost, and they saw a need in our industry:  Successful service providers like stylist, colorist, makeup artist, eye-brow artist, nail artist or massage therapist wanted a place to work and NOT GIVE AWAY A SALON OWNER HALF THEIR SALARY.

I’ve said this before: Many salon and barber shop owners neglect to learn current marketing and the latest management skills to keep their existing staff members. So many people in my industry understand that social media is used as a customer service conduit. Keeping existing customers engaged on social media keeps the business top-of-mind and attracts customers from other salons. The modern educated salon owner or salon suites renter understands that by using email marketing and social media they can keep existing customers as well as attract the customers of other salons who are not as educated or proficient with online promotion.

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Problem for Owners: Owner of Salon Suites won’t really promote the Salon Suites Renter. Their job is to provide the space at a good cost. The reason that there are more and more salon suites popping up is, not only that salon, spa & barber shop owner don’t know how to do marketing for their business, owners also neglect to teach marketing and social to their staff members which makes them powerless to build their own clientele. Salon Suite owners do know how to market to find service providers who have already built a clientele.

Additionally: The big brands teach salons how to color or cut because this is what owners like from them and what their staff is asking for. But Brands like Schwartzkopf and Bumble & Bumble should also be teaching owners social media and email marketing because, guess what?: Salons, Spas & Barber shops can’t keep their staff members busy.  SO: Salon Suites are catching all of us who can and will learn this stuff on our own. And hey, if I do all the marketing and build my clientele on my own, why should I give half of what I make to the shop owner? Prospective Salon Suites renters work hard building a clientele so it’s not a stretch for them to learn how to file quarterly taxes and order their own products…

I’m not pro or con traditional salons, spas or barber shops. In fact, I teach salons, spas & barber shop owners how to be successful in this new business world. To save the way they want to operate: Owners and brands have to stop thinking that by teaching technical skills to service providers will make them better and make everyone more money. If salon owners want to hold on to their business, both the owners and brands first have to learn social media and current marketing trends. Then they have to work together to train their service providers which can then promote their skills AND THE BRANDS to the public to create more word of mouth business than they ever thought was possible. The owners would succeed, the brand would sell more products and, more importantly, employees will be happy because they will make money doing what they love to do.



Author ~ Twitter & Social Media Expert for the Salon, Spa & Barber Industry



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