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Beauty Love Capes: Product Review.

I was fortunate enough to run into Becky, the owner of I hope you watch the video below to see how much fun we had at an Indianapolis beauty show.
Becky convinced me that her capes were the best so I ended up buying a few capes and they are the best! I got the CATWALK HAIRCUTTING CAPE and the LOVE BITES HAIRCUTTING CAPE

Beauty Love Aprons Product Review

It wasn’t long til I realized that these capes are made sooo much better than any other cutting capes or chemical capes that I have every bought in my 30 year career. These capes wash better. They do not wrinkle nor are they filmy or slippery. (Stylists and colorist will know what I mean.)

My new Beauty Love Capes don’t have static after I wash them so I can listen to my music in with my earbuds while I fold them – which seems sort of funny; but less static mean less hair sticking to them in the salon which makes clients happy: no prior client’s hair will be seen by your customers! So far, my capes have never frayed or gotten smelly and they are soooo much more sexy than other capes!

I am now in the process of replacing all my old capes that need replacing with Beauty Love Cape. They also have great sexy Aprons and accessories. See the video for styles or go to   I cannot recommend these chemical and cutting capes enough.

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