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Social Media is Dangerous if you don’t practice Social Media Mindfulness

There’s a film that debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2018 called The CleanersIt’s not out yet and it doesn’t even have a distributor yet but I mention it because it deals with what I’ve been talking about for awhile now: Social Media is Dangerous. The film is a documentary and is done documentary-style interviewing people who work on platforms such as Facebook who clean up Fake News, Porn and subjects that may interfere with the end users positive experience.

I’ve said it over 1000 times in my talks & blogs about social media mindfulness; plus I inform my coaching clients that you and your brand have to be visible online or you’re invisible to future customers and you cannot take care of your existing customers. But you must also know that every social media platform is designed to keep the user interested and engaged, above all costs. And, platforms, like Facebook, try not to show users news or information that might challenge them, upset them, or make them leave. People are only fed information, memes, Gifs, videos that they already want to see and this leads to insular bubbles where they loose track of time, waste their time and become social media addicted because there is a dopamine drop the more time one spends on social media.

There is already plenty of information about social media addiction and the harm we do to ourselves as a society such as lowering our real-word social skills due to our smart phone compulsions, but there will be more documentaries, like The Cleaners coming out, as well as blogs, articles and even political policies that will emerge on this complicated subject. But the fact remains, we can’t undo what social media and tech have done to us: we need it to market our brands and yet it can hurt us individually and collectively as a society.

So, what’s the solution? Deal only with your sphere of influence: You, your family, your friends, and how you work as well as how you market your own business. That is your sphere of influence. You can control your own online habits as well as your kids under 18. You can stand up for yourself and state that friends and family can & should call you to keep you in the loop because you won’t waste time online. You can clean out your email inbox with You can stop going out to dinner with friends who cannot have a conversation without Googling everything you’re talking to them about every 5 minutes. And you can start noticing if you’re addicted to your alerts and pings on your smart phone. And, why do you check your social media more than one time per day? Start with these tips and suggestions but stick with your sphere of influence. We cannot Individually Save the World. But, Individually, We can Collectively Heal the Whole Planet.

TIP: My advise to everyone should be to spend no more than 5 minutes a day on each social media platform that they do business on. Answer queries, respond, thank, invite, call-to-action. If you’re someone one who is only online to check on your family and friends on Facebook, I never recommend to scroll, scroll, scroll!  Even if you are checking on your grand-kid’s posts on Facebook, you’ll still be punched with suggested enticements and ads and you will be distracted from your day or you life-purpose.

And, lastly, keep reading about the dangers of social media so you can stay informed. You don’t have to read 20 articles a day. Read your online periodicals every day at a certain time per day. No more. No less. And align yourself with like-minded people in-person or even on niche Facebook Groups. If your’re a business learn social media mindfulness practices and stick them for yourself and you staff member. These are healthy online tips that will help your happiness and prosperity in 2018.


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