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Instagram to Twitter: A How-To

You shouldn’t post Instagram photos from your Instagram app to Twitter. That’s #TwitterRude! Your pictures don’t show up on Twitter, only a URL and your cut off descriptions and hashtags. I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO CLICK ON AN INSTAGRAM LINK TO SEE YOUR PICTURE NOR GO TO YOUR ONLINE INSTAGRAM PAGE or have to be asked to login to Instagram via my smart phone in a new window.

BUT there is a way to actually post those wonderful pictures to Twitter as Pictures!

Here’s the fix:

If you are on your PC at home, you can sign up at IFTTT.


What IFTTT does, as a third party app manager, is to take actions (it triggers) every time you post an Instagram. Once you link Instagram to Twitter and visa-versa, you will be able to tinker with some settings which will trigger IFTTT to post your Instagram to post as a normal picture to Twitter. That means that your Instagram picture will show up in your Twitter feed as a photo instead of just an Instagram caption and the link back to your Instagram.

Note 1: It does take a while for the Instagram to show up on your Twitter feed.

Note 2: Make sure you get your recipe correct. My first time using IFTTT I activated two triggers for the same Instagram pic so two Tweets, complete with my Instagram pictures showed up simultaneously. Only one of the tweets had the URL back to my Instagram; which is the only recipe I ended up keeping. Write your recipe and test.

Note 3: When IFTTT is set up properly, there will be no reason for you to hit the Twitter Share Button in Instagram. Don’t do it because IFTTT will automatically post every Instagram to Twitter for you. If you do press the Twitter share button on Instagram you will be posting an additional post with another caption with a useless URL link back to Instagram again: with no actual picture.

It’s okay to have a URL back to Instagram. You might get some more Instagram followers. But you should attract the new follower with a picture along with the URL. IFTTT allows you to present both on Twitter. TIP: use #Instagram in every Instagram description so when your Instagram-IFTTT picture shows up on Twitter: people know you have an Instagram account and they can follow you if they like your pictures. All they have to do is click on the link. But without a picture, why would they click? I would not. Use IFTTT!

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Note 4:Don’t forget to “activate” (authorize) both your Twitter account and Instagram account FIRST before actually creating the “Recipe” (posting from Instagram to Twitter) at IFTTT.
Note5: You should log into Twitter and your Instagram account on your PC in the same browser in different windows before you sign up for IFTTT. This make everything sooo much easier.

There are other kinds of recipes at IFTTT, such as posting Facebook posts to LinkedIn and more. I just made a recipe that post only my Instagram Videos to my Facebook Page and not my personal Timeline.

FYI: You can probably guess that I am not a fan of auto-posting any Facebook posts to Twitter. Why should I follow you on Facebook and Twitter if what you post is the same? All of those Facebook links make a Pro Twitter User very angry. I might see a post that I see is interesting and if I notice that it is a Facebook link this will irritate me and I usually mute the user or block them because they just don’t understand Twitter. Why would I want to login to Facebook when I’m on Twitter? But more on that in another blog… If you want to learn how to attract new customers and make Twitter work for you as a social platform, check out my video tutorial below.

I do video

Use #Instagram in your Instagram descriptions.

Facebook on Twitter
Facebook on Twitter
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