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Nando’s does NOT serve Free-Range Chicken

I had been seeing posters in the Gold Coast of Chicago for Nando’s Chicken. The chicken looked good in the pictures and I wondered where the locations were until I ran across one location in Streeterville. I also heard their commercial on Spotify so I click on the banner to see what they were all about. Firstly, I wanted to know about hormones, antibiotics and if the chickens were free range raised. 

To my dismay, I read the following on their website> “Chicken welfare is of utmost importance however we also need to consider the price our customers are willing to pay.”

Nando’s company lies by telling the consumer that “Chicken welfare is of the utmost importance.” I’m not a vegetarian but I do my best not to eat meat of an animal who has live a tortured life. It’s cruel and horrible to think about what goes into serving mainstream food to our society. The agony and suffering to animals will only stop if we stop buying and eating them.

Nando’s does NOT serve Free-Range Chicken because that’s what the customer wants? I don’t think so!

Nando’s completely negates their stance on animal welfare by telling you that the consumer wants it cheap so they will continue to sponsor animal torture. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that a business or a person or a brand can say I need to stay in business, I want to stay in business, I deserve to stay in business: and that means that there must be sacrifices.

We, as people, have to learn to take on more hardships such going without tasty chicken from Nando’s until they serve only free-range chicken. We also have to accept that we will have to pay what things are worth. Yes, it takes more money to raise a free-range chicken and bring it to a restaurant. I am willing to pay for that. I want that. I hope you do too. The more we do this practice, the more the prices will come down.

You can let Nando’s know that you want them to use free-range chicken and that you are willing to pay the increase in price: Facebook  –  Twitter  –   Instagram  –   YouTube  –  Snapchat 

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