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I am VERY PICKY with who I work with:

I am looking for that one brand or company that I can work with that does something great in the world. I want to work with brands that will raise the vibration or happiness in individuals & communities. I love service industry people who help other people, light workers, new-thought inspirers as well as practitioners of mindfulness and healing. I want to help someone reach their full potential because they are a great person whom I would enjoy learning from as well as sharing my talents in social media with. – Jon-David

Mafia Hairdresser Social Media

“Social Media Amplifies Word-of-Mouth Marketing.” – Business News Daily 

mafia hairdresser social media

Staff Activation

Once your marketing manager has a clear understanding how the business website, email list + Newsletter, blogs, advertising and social media channels all work together then Jon-David can activate your staff.

Staff Activation is simple: Train the staff on proper do’s and don’t about posting on social media channels. A company’s staff can be it’s biggest key to expanding brand awareness. With one motivational workshop, Jon-David will inspire your staff to share your company’s content as well as take over much of the company’s day to day social media tasks.

Click here to see Jon-David inspire an Illinois salon.

Mafia Hairdresser is a teacher

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A Social Media Explanation

Click here for an explanation of social media from Mafia Hairdresser.

Jon-David is an Amazon Author

“One of the new writers to come out of this town, Jon-David,

has written a fine and provocatively titled book, Mafia Hairdresser.” – Rick Kogan 

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