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Get Free & Discounts to eBooks & Courses + Social Media Tips + Success Tools

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Start your own Mafia Hairdresser Famous Blog

Start your own Famous Blog

1) Start a Blog: To give information and to help.

You as an expert already know what to write. Go to work for one week and make notes about the top 12 things that you talked about with your clients or the thing that you see you could make a positive impact on if only someone would listen. Write down those subjects that you are always advising people on, whether it’s about a product you’ve been inspired about, or a skin treatment you believe in, or about the best inspirational massage you’ve heard, or even blog about a new restaurant you’ve been to! These are subject you don’t even have to research. Your opinions about them already make you an expert. And you could probably write those 12 blogs in one day.

    • PLEASE don’t sell in your blogs. Just tell what you know. If someone reading your blog sees that they like the way you think they will look at the rest of what you do and they might soon be a client.
    • DO make sure you have at least one “Call to Action” in your blog. Ask the reader to join your email or check out your other blogs. Your blog is free information, but what would you like the reader to do for you?–short of “be my new client.”

2) Start a Blog: To establish yourself as an expert.

    • When you write a blog about any subject, you are writing it as you, and it is your opinion.
    • Your opinion matters because you voice it everyday to your friends on Facebook and your talk to your friends at work. Do they usually follow your advice? A blog is where you can make your thought clear and people can take your advice on their own time.
    • A blog is just a written synopsis on what you think and why it’s important–to you.
    • A blog is an irrefutable statement from you that you know about your subject.

3) Start a Blog: To attract attention to your business.

    • Don’t wait for a local magazine to write about your business. Who is better to write about your services than yourself?
    • When you write a blog, be consistent: 1 blog per week or 1 blog every other week, or even 1 per month.
    • Use your blog to attract potential clients or fans: post your blog on your Facebook Page, Your Website, Your Blog Site. And re-post regularly on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
    • WITHOUT SELLING: Use your blog to attract potential clients or fans. Post your blogs on your Facebook Page, Your Website, Your Blog Site. And re-post regularly on Social Media Platforms such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
    • Writing what you like attracts “Like”-minded people to you, your website and your business. It is just one step closer to forming a relationship that might turn out to be a business relationship.

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