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GOAL VISUALIZATION: How to Achieve Your Goals and Attain Happiness through Precision Visualization

Pre-Launch JULY/AUG 2017

The Secret is to be Part Of Your Community

Savvy networking and properly implemented marketing: catapulted a young man’s first business venture to success. Along with more seasoned business owners, Jon-David started the Pine Avenue Merchant’s Association. The group was responsible for making Long Beach the first Blue Line rapid transit destination from Los Angeles. Jon-David pioneered the first AIDS Cut-A-Thon with Jose Eber and Elizabeth Taylor and he was on the committee for the second ever AIDS Walk. Jon-David is always involved with Chicago’s finest charities and communities such as being a Chicago Conservation Corps Leader and working for Anti-Cruelty Society.

Jon-David is a Chicago Twilebrity

Scandal: Jon-David did a short stint as a private hairdresser for  a mob couple in the 1980’s! This was a tale that needed to be told so Jon-David wrote Mafia Hairdresser a novel and the screenplay which also became his trademarked name and brand. Jon-David is a Second City Alumni, starred in a European reality series and is a successful playwright: “Success In Numbers.”

Jon-David is the Host of #SalonSpaChat

#SalonSpaChat is the 1st Twitter Chat for the Salon, Spa & Barber Industry and now a respected YouTube show. Click here to view past episode or subscribe to participate and watch live.

Did you know that most Indie-Novelists become Social Media Experts?

Jon-David: Social Media Expert and Writer. In the ever-changing world of Self-Publishing, there is now only one constant: Authors Must Be Able To Market Themselves. To market his own eBooks, Jon-David applied his promotional skills, gleaned from being a small business owner, actor and producer. A “Twilebrity” was born! Mafia Hairdresser has been educated by the top social media forerunners and digital marketing innovators in Chicago.

Jon-David is the first Hairdresser to have a regular FACEBOOK LIVE show!

Join Jon-David on the Mafia Hairdresser Facebook Page every Monday night for free tips on marketing, email marketing, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, SEO, Health, Snapchat, Periscope, Blab, LinkedIn and more! The show is called #SalonSpaChat LIVE! Click below to LIKE. Click Here to view past episodes as well as out YouTube Channel with highlights.

Mondays 7pm EST


“Can I Help You?”

Full Circle: Mafia Hairdresser is a respected social media expert and a salon owner. Jon-David uses his brand to help organizations, small businesses and the entire salon industry while maintaining his mastery in hair. With eBooks, inspirational classes, appearances, and during his hair styling appointments, Jon-David helps remove the walls of resistance one might have concerning digital marketing. His acting and stand-up skills have contributed to his popular public speaking on topics such as social media and The Internet and your Children. Utilizing the full potential of digital marketing is the least expensive way for businesses to thrive in this economic climate. Jon-David’s background has given him the keys, the associates, and the insights that every business needs.

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