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Internet Dangers 22

Virus Alerts and Cyber Bullying are bad but these are not the internet dangers I want to talk to you about. The internet dangers that I would like to point out are perpetuated by YOU. YOU are the people who will ruin our society, bring down our nation, our planet Earth. YOU are the INTERNET DANGERS!

“Oh, Jon-David, you are always so dramatic,” my mother used to say to me; and I’ll admit that this is true. At least now I write it down on these pages so anyone can take me at arm’s length, follow me down my rabbit hole or turn me off or laugh along with me.


Think about this:

The “Internet” has now decided for you that it will now show you ads and news that you might be open to or be interested in. Your “free” search engines and social media platforms, such as Facebook, have deciphered, from your Internet usage, just what your likes and dislikes are and it just wants to please you. I’ll let you sit with that for second.

The reason I am accusing you of being a threat to society is because of your Internet usage. As a society, we have been letting our kids learn, play, interact and purchase on the internet. Average adults and grandparents are spending hours online LIKEing and Commenting and Tweeting. Because we American’s watch so much television, we are being told to “talk” directly to the judges on The Voice via Twitter, or to Follow your network news team on Yahoo or Twitter for added “insider” or “in-depth” information.

Welcome to the Internet

The problem is that you are falling for it.

There is actually no covert “Internet Devil” luring us all to stay online longer with silly videos, graphics and shocking headlines so that IT can sell us more goods, coupons or “limited time only bargains;” that we didn’t have the intention to buy when we logged-on. The big “IT” is the fact that you are voluntarily exposing yourself and willingly giving more and more of your time to online activities.

All of us, and mostly our kids, are becoming less social, integrated and mentally challenged. Our brains our mush already! I don’t ask that you act like it’s the 1950s, I just ask you to step away from the computer. Turn off the TV! And then start actually enjoying life like a human being instead of a cliche’ fiction character out of a “futuristic science fiction” novel who is losing their mind and will watching a screen and waste their time.

I’m considered a social media and online expert. I help people reach their audience/new clients and keep their existing customers engaged. But part of my instruction comes with telling my clients, from experience and from my heart, “Be with your friends and family and spend more time expanding your mind and achieving your dreams.”

I leave you with a talk I did at Ignite Chicago: The Internet and your Children:

Ignite Chicago — Jon-David Mafia Hairdresser from IgniteChicago on Vimeo.

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