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I bet you’re a Goal Achiever

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from coaching my social media clients and doing hair for the past 30 years is that “the maker” don’t hand out the same chips to everyone playing on the poker table. We are all different with varied talents. We may do tasks, jobs and accomplish goals contrarily and that’s because we have different experiences, realities, personalities and astrology signs!

Because my work is so up-close and personal with my clients I’ve found that more than half of everyone I know thinks of themselves as a procrastinator. In fact, you’re probably thinking, “I’m a procrastinator too!”

I feel, that since we all accomplish our individual goals with vastly dissimilar approaches, we might be mistaking procrastination with individual process. Do you actually accomplish your goals? Do you accomplish your goals on time or close to the goal set time? If you answered yes to both of those questions, I don’t think you’re a procrastinator and I’m advising you to lift that guilty label from your opinion about yourself. In fact, call yourself a goal achiever!

Some people have great techniques or programs that help them to achieve their goals. Click here for one that I like. But, no matter how many apps, techniques or goal skills one has, you will still have an individual process. Sometimes your individual process might feel like procrastination but the truth may be that process is actually part of the way you achieve your goal – it’s different for everyone!

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When I want to set a goal, I will write it down on paper and pin it to where I can see it, visualize it; and I will set the date when I want to achieve it. And then I will do just about everything that does not have anything to do with that goal: clean my house, do my taxes, make my bed, go to the movies… To the self-flagellators this might seem like procrastination. It is not. I’m a goal achiever and that’s my process. In fact, before I even wrote this blog, I washed dishes, worked out, and I did everything that I could think of that might distract me from putting my heart and soul into the words I’m writing now.

I wish I was one of those people who could set a goal and then accomplish that goal, a little at a time, one hour a day until the goal was fully achieved. Sometimes scheduling works… But, for me, I just know that I’m going to achieve my goal at the time I’ve set to achieve it. Since I know I’m going to achieve it, I’ve decided that I need not call myself a procrastinator when I’m not actually working on my goal. The weight has lifted: My process it to think about that goal while doing “nothing” and this seems to work out very well.

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Do you achieve your goals? Do you achieve your goals on time? Or are you a procrastinator? I give you permission to re-evaluate whether or not you a goal achiever or a procrastinator. I bet you are Goal Achiever.

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