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You are only 3 months or 3 phases away from achieving your big goals.

The Goal Achiever Club is easy to join.

All you have to do is set one Big Goal and take the steps to achieve it.

Whether you are starting your own business, want more time with your family, want to quit smoking, attain more joy or money or time, then this will be the goal setting plan for you.


The 30/60/90 Goal Achiever Plan is the simplified easy-to-understand-&-apply version of the best Goal Achieving Plans on the market.

You will find out what are the Setbacks and Positive Triggers that may hold you back or propel you towards your dreams.

goal achiever singe red 1You can achieve any goal but you have to break it down into phases so that you only have to focus on the small daily tasks.

goal achiever single green 1You have achieved goals in your past and this plan will help you tap into the same triggers that helped you reach those goals.

goal achiever single blue 1 Life happens: What most goal plans don’t incorporate are the interruptions, setbacks or family & health issues that can seem to take the wind out of our sails while trying to achieve a goal.

goal achiever design55If you can dream of becoming financially secure or if you have an idea of attaining a material object of desire or you just want to have time to do what you want to do: HAVE A PLAN! START YOUR PLAN!

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Mafia Hairdresser

This plan exists to help you lay out a clear picture of what you want to attain. Whether you want a new car or you’re starting to use Twitter as a marketing platform, you need to set aside clear & realistic daily & monthly goals. This plan sets you up for success as well as allows you to keep your eye on your goals and what may be holding you back.

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Hi! My name is Jon-David and I’m known as the Mafia Hairdresser. This is my brand known for: eBooks, tutorials and social media & marketing coaching.

Why would I be giving my 30/60/90 Goal Achiever Plan to you for only 99¢?

Because, whether I’m coaching clients one-on-one or anyone has purchased one of my eBooks or Tutorials, I want them to be able to successfully implement what they have learned.

I care if you are a high school student struggling with learning a subject. I care if you are trying to build a successful business. I care if you just want to have more time and more money. I have struggled myself!

It was not until I began incorporating proper goal achiever plans into my goal setting did I begin to attain my dreams.

The 30/60/90 Goal Achiever Plan is the very same plan used to help students, business owners, families and anyone who wants to achieve any goal!

This is the same easy-to-use plan I use to help my clients and I want everyone to achieve what they want whether it’s more money, more time or to take your life, business & learning to the next level.

Use this plan for every Big Goal! Use this plan to Win!


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If you don’t know who I am, my name is Jon-David, aka Mafia Hairdresser. I’m a social media consultant and I’m also devoted to helping salons and spas, owners and all beauty service providers by giving them free social media, marketing, management, wellbeing and success tips. In this new digital age, if you are not visible online you are invisible to potential customers. I know that your business can, not only survive, but thrive if you keep learning.  Through SalonSpa.Chat shows and my YouTube playlist, I can give up-to-date tips along with top salon and spa experts and consultants from around the world. These shows will help any industry.

If you are in need of social media and marketing assistance, please click here:

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