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If you have fine hair, you must let me help you!

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If you have damaged hair, let me help you!


I’m a fine and thinning hair specialist and I have one of the best services in which to thicken and strengthen your fine or damaged hair. It’s call Aloxxi Polymeric, or Emergencee (old name) and it’s a Nexxus product.

It’s a polymer that is used to “fill in the divots” of cuticle of the hair shaft. Fine hair is weak so the cuticle literally gets worn off by heat, weather, bad shampoo! and time. Emergencee creates a hard surface and repairs and strengthens your cuticle.emergencee-blog

Why doesn’t your stylist know about and use this product? SIMPLE ANSWER: It’s old school and not trending anymore.

Emergencee has been around forever and Nexxus is not the cool product to salons and distributors so you’re not going to see it. If you’re a stylist or colorist, I challenge you to try it and use it on your clients who have damaged or fine hair. This product makes their hair shiny, their colors last longer AND any other moisturizing or strengthening treatment you use on the after after the Emergencee treatment will work better!

Emercencee is applied with quick safe heat and takes minutes to apply.

Emergencee is applied with quick, safe heat and takes minutes to apply.

My fine-haired client who could never event get to shoulder length or have a ponytail can now have long hair. Every time my fine-haired clients come in I give them an Emergencee treatment. Sometime I’ll even do two treatments in a row. They cannot go anywhere else to get this treatment because I use a flat paddle iron on low to tap in the product. This is an old Sebastian International trick from the 80’s. No more under the dryer! Wash hair. Apply. Tap with your hot iron that is wrapped in foil. The foil protects the hair from sticking to the iron and instantly laminated the hair with the Emergencee strengthening coating.

Emergencee is safe to use, before or after color or perm services, and can fix even the most damaged or disintegrated hair. This product makes the hair shinier too as well as keeps helps reduce color fade.

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Nexxus Aloxxi (Emergencee) Polymeric Reconstructor
Here’s the Nexxus explanation: “Stops hair breakage, repairs and strengthens severely damaged hair. Dramatically improves hair’s health, condition and shine. Contains a renewing blend of Polymers, Elastins, Amino Acids and Collagen. Creates an internal framework within the hair shaft to restore integrity. Strengthens internally and externally. Repairs and smoothes damaged cuticle; restores flexibility.Magnifies shine and depth of colour. Improves body and stylability. Acidifies hair, pH 2.5. (Closes and fills in cuticle.)Excellent pre-treatment for delicate hair prior to all chemical services.”
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