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download top ebooks mafia hairdresser

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Based on the life experiences of author, Jon-David. (Names and details changed to protect the not-so-innocent.)

It’s the get-rich-quick 80s and a young hairdresser climbs the L.A. social-scene ladder to reach more than he bargained for by moonlighting for a cocaine trafficking couple. Cars made out of coke, Hawaiian vacations, glitzy clothes & a steady flow of money makes a fabulously dangerous lifestyle that becomes murderous. Read sample chapters of Mafia Hairdresser and purchase books at Novel.

“One of the new writers to come out of this town, Jon-David, has written a fine and provocatively titled book, Mafia Hairdresser.” – Rick Kogan 

The Glow Stick Gods

$4.95 Amazon Click Here for Preview

“Best Indie Books of 2012 SEMIFINALIST”

Inspired by the author’s own experiences as a jet-setting writer. Download top eBooks from Jon-David: True events, including the underground party circuit. Chicago Mayor Daley’s war on drugs. And the Chicago “A-lister” who killed a cab driver with his own cab—someone Jon-David was associated with. The Glow Stick Gods is the 1990s you’ve only read about but you won’t find in any history books. What’s a nice hairdresser doing in a place like this? Novel.

“Irony, hypocrisy or hilarity, Jon-David’s unapologetic exposé of a fabulously dangerous lifestyle will keep you laughing. Even if many of his friends did not survive to laugh with you.”

Read sample chapters and download top ebooks like The Glow Stick Gods at

This eBook has been read by many industries!
Your clients and your future clients are using Twitter and they would love to connect with you for your services. 
We recommend that you view the video Tutorial TWITTER FOR SALONS, SPAS, BARBERS & EVERY INDUSTRY and Social Media 101, both which go along with this eBook. Use the Goal Achiever Plan to help you implement Twitter into a successful marketing strategy.

“I purchased this book and found that not only do his theories and practices relate to salons and spas, but it is practical for any industry. — The value the book lends is a perfect guide that shows you just what to do. I had the pleasure of working with J-D when I hired him as a coach for my own social media needs. He truly knows how to capitalize and monetize social networks with easy implementation. If you own a salon or spa, or need a better understanding to leveraging social media for your business, then this is the perfect book.” By Philip Tomich (Florida, U.S.)

This is your social media primer.

  • Email Lists & Newsletters – Cultivation, Curation, and Consistency
  • Website or Home Base – Blogs, Call to Action, SEO
  • How to find your Customer Avatar & find out what Social Media Platforms your Current Customers are using.
  • Learn, Prepare & Commit to your Social Media Marketing.
  • Build Your Content – Blogs, Information, Video, Pictures, Behind the Scenes, Product Reviews, Customer Spotlights, Neighboring Businesses.

We recommend the Video Tutorial companion to receive the whole picture of how it all works together.


Social Media Success

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If you want to optimize your Social Media: You’ve got to automate.

The 3 major mistakes that business owners, salons, barber shops and service providers make when they jump into social media:
1. They think that social media is an advertising platform
2. They fail to make proper profiles that attract new clients
3. They do not automate their posts
Automating your posts & tweets frees you up to find new customers with only 10 minutes a day! This eBook will show you how to automate your postings and tweets with (LinkedIn/Pinterest/Facebook too)

Goal Achiever Plan download top ebooks

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Top business coaches, consultants & life-coaches use this plan to help their customers reach their goals. It is simple. It is widely used because it works! Use it for any goal. Use it for every goal! Worksheets are free at  PDF Format Available

It was not until I began incorporating proper goal achiever plans into my goal setting did I begin to attain my dreams.

You will find out what are the Setbacks and Positive Triggers that may hold you back or propel you towards your dreams.

Snapchat for Salons and Spas

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Snapchat has become increasingly more popular for businesses to have direct engagement with their customers; giving them a feeling of exclusivity or privy to “behind-the-scenes” of your great business.
Snapchat is not new. It’s now! Snapchat will attract a fresh, young crowd to your salon, barbershop, or spa. But don’t be fooled: All of your customers, young and old will sign up with Snapchat because you can give great customer service and value to you customers and it’s the easiest platform for your clients to sign up for.
Twitter for Not for Profits

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Whether you are a spiritual group, a theater group, NFP, or a once-a-year event that raises funds to put Solar Power in Chicago Schools: you need public awareness and a constant influx of volunteers, new members, funds and donors.

Twitter can help your organization reach its goals.

We believe you should learn how to manage your own inbound marketing in-house as opposed to hiring expensive outside agencies. 

sucks to be 50 download top ebooks

$2.99 Amazon Click Here for Preview

Male menopause? You betcha! 

“I had no idea I would be such a dude-bitch about turning fifty. With my fiftieth birthday approaching, all of a sudden I was angry. Turning fifty made me to want to do physical harm to anyone who spewed crap like. ‘Fifty is the new forty.’ And yet, I might have made out with them if they tell me I didn’t look my age.” ~ Jon-David

Everyday rants, epiphanies and wisdoms laced with honesty, humility and humor add up to the funny wickedness of aging.
Oh yes: And a tragic ending!

Originally titled: “50 Days of 50” was originally a daily blog about what it was like for a man to turn fifty and it was approximately fifty days before the author turned fifty.

Humor. Non-fiction.


Social Media for Salons Spas Barber and Beauty Brands & EVERY INDUSTRY!


Movie Poster 3 Mafia HairdresserSIN-Poster1

Did you know Jon-David was a screenwriter and a successful playwright?

This is the original story, based on fact, that started the brand: Mafia Hairdresser. Jon-David’s play, Success in Numbers, sold out for 6 weeks in Chicago. Read 30 minutes of the Mafia Hairdresser screenplay and read Success in Numbers, the play, here!


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