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Super Anti Spyware Mafia Hairdresser

Don’t you hate it when you download a new app or program on your computer and, after you run the setup, McAfee Anti -Virus begins popping up, blocking, alerting, scanning and “protecting” your PC? Nothing makes me angrier than when McAfee or Norton/Symantec sneaks into my PC, Trojan Horse Style, just like the viruses and malware they claim they keep out.

White Cloud Security

I have a PC, so I have my computer protected with Windows Defender. It scans my files for potentially unwanted software and protects against spyware. But what about virus and malware protection? Out of principal, I’ll never use McAfee or Norton/Symantec (even though I had in the past when they were the standard).
I wanted expert advice on how to protect my computer from cyber attacks so I called an internet security expert named, Jess Elshere. He’s a sales manager at White Cloud Security but I’ve always trusted Jess with my tech and security questions. In fact, I have him to thank for the knowledge I use daily in helping my social media business’ clients. It helps that I have 24/7 access to his mobile and PC cyber security advice and that Jess also happens to be my younger brother!

White Cloud Security

Today, PC’s and Tablets have been trying to use “Whitelisting” technology to protect from malware such as viruses, spyware and Trojans. But this tech requires a lot of work from you and me, the user, and has proven to be hackable already. But now, White Cloud Security has the newest Trust Lockdown technology that is hitting the pro-sumer market now. (Consumer market it next.) And they will be expanding to cover Mobile devices. It blocks both known and unknown malware, and is easier to use. You can click here if your company wants the best online, or enterprise, security . You can also read more about blacklisting and white-listing cyber security in part two of this blog.

Jess recommended that I continue to use Windows Defender to protect my PC from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software for what I normally do, since I was running Window 8 operating system. If your computer is running older versions of Windows, you may need Microsoft Security Essentials: click her for Microsoft download.
The big monster to protect your computer against these days is more than just a virus or spyware; it’s the unknown malware! There are 300+ new malware written EVERY MINUTE! Malware, the general term for all things BAD for your computer, is short for “malicious software”. It’s any kind of unwanted software that is installed without your adequate consent. Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are examples of malicious software that are often grouped together and referred to as malware. Jess recommended that I download and run SUPER Anti Spyware to complement what Windows Defender was doing for my computer. trust-lockdown

I now use I started with the free version and recently upgraded to the $29.95 version. I liked the interfacing which allowed me to choose when I would update for latest malware and spyware protection. And I like the fact that I was recommended this product by a cyber security professional and was not tricked into installing it via another software package.

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Another high rated anti-virus and malware protection option is AVG. Both their free version and their paid versions get the top ratings for disabling 100 percent of detected malware. I use AVG on my new Galaxy 5S.

If you are a company looking of a great cyber security service contact White Cloud Security and contact my brother, Jess Elshere, and tell him the Mafia Hairdresser sent ya. Click Here.

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