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Body Drench Quick Tan

This is your must-have year-round makeup and beauty enhancer. I have been touting this product for years and I’ve been using it for longer. But I’m not using Body Drench Quick Tan to make myself look tan. I would go to a spray tan booth for that.

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What I use and recommend this product for is to make your my clients foundation look great and to even out skin tones: on myself!  As a makeup artist, I love this product because this fast-drying fine-misting spray-on self-tanner has moisture in it. When you spray a fine mist over your face at home it will:

  • help your makeup last longer.
  • make your foundation look like your own skin and “sets” your makeup.
  • even-out your skin tones.
  • will give you a healthy glow without looking like a cakey bronzer or a self-tanner.
  • make you look healthier.


Body Drench Quick Tan is Available at Mafia Hairdresser Salon

And because it has moisture, as well as some pigment in it, Body Drench Quick Tan acts as a High-Definition makeup: you’ll look awesome in pictures! I’m not recommending that you use this product as your main spray-tan product (although it’s great for that) it’s great for every skin tone!

Just spray a fine mist, one pass, about 12 inches away from your face. I do this in the shower stall in my bathroom so that the pigmented mist does not build up on my counters. Spray Body Drench Quick Tan on a completely makeup-finished face and, in an hour, the slight bit of moisture and pigment will make you look fabulous!

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Famous stylist and colorist Beth Minardi's collection of hair care products that deliver a high level of support for colored hair.

Famous stylist and colorist Beth Minardi’s collection of hair care products that deliver a high level of support for colored hair.



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