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communcation 101

Be a Better Communicator in every Industry

In a world where standardization is the norm for teaching and learning I have found that one must throw all of that out if you want to be a great consultant, hairdresser, sales person or a successful business person. Whether I’m coaching people how to market their business via Twitter or email, or whether I’m explaining what color or cut will look good on a client, I have to put myself in their shoes to be able to properly communicate to each and every individual. I cannot use the same visual tools or the same manner of communication for each client.
Here are some great tips on how to change up your own teaching, communication or business style so that you become a better communicator: in any industry:

Mafia Hairdresser consulting 101

1. Before each session with your client, ask yourself what is the purpose/goal of your session?
a. Is it to sell?
b. Is it to teach?
c. Is it to help?
• If you know your goal before each session, you are more apt to do whatever it takes to reach your session goal, and that probably means listening more.

2. Know that your client came to you for your service so they already know you are the expert so don’t overburden them with the how or the technical aspect of what you are delivering to them unless they ask for it.
a. This saves you your own time.
b. This saves you having to re-iterate that you know what you are doing.
c. This allows you to listen more to your client.
• So many of us know our stuff and want to impress the customer with our technical skills and training – leave that for your white pages, blogs and videos.

3. Be your client: If you have a customer whose manner is quiet and doesn’t have great eye contact, or if you have a client who is loud and wants to talk a lot, you must be able to match their personality or you won’t get your point across.
a. You must not over-power nor be over-powered by your clients and by “being your client” you insure that you both have equal time talking and listening.
b. Respect that every client listens and communicates differently and you must listen to them first to know how they “operate.”
• If you want to standardize anything in your business then standardize how you size up your clients and how you present to each client type.

4. Listen and be patient.
a. This is the loop that goes back to Tip #1: “What is your goal?” If you know your goal you’ll listen and be patient.
b. In my book, the secret to “Cracking the Customer Code” has been to be the best listener.
• By being a good listener you will learn just as much as you teach.

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