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To Activate Your Staff you have to give them reasons why.

A business should never “try social media.” The person in-charge should learn all they can about the social media platform they’ve decided to market their business with and then go “all in.”

It has been my experience that so many business and organization leave out the most important part of going all in: they forget to properly train their staff how to be a part of their social media team. Activate your Staff!

Your best Employee

I’ve seen churches, salons and charities spend thousands of dollars updating their websites, making them search engine optimized. I’ve seen barber shops and theaters learn how to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to attract new customers, ticket buyers and reach prospective donors. And yet, the one group of people who have more insight and positive things to say about your business don’t engage with the businesses’ social media posts. This makes the social media efforts of the business less than optimal. Your organization’s members have the ability to share about your business but they don’t. Why?

Each of your employees or volunteers probably interacts daily with your clients, customers and volunteers on their own social platforms because they have established working and personal relationships with them. And each of your staff members and donors all have a number of friends, fans and followers. Collectively, the number of human beings that they are in touch with includes your future ticket buyers and customers.Reciprocal and Social

Staff and volunteers have to be aware that you have a social media policy which states clearly what might be cause for termination. But that’s not the only reason that I recommend that business owners and organization leaders conduct formal social media training courses for their staff. To the un-trained staff member, Facebook or Twitter might just be “for fun.” You media training should also include why they should participate with the businesses’ social media and what that entails. It can mean the success or failure of your business; and that should matter to them!

Put the Socia in Social media

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advising that you force your employees or volunteer to repost every one of your businesses promotions on their Facebook wall or Twitter feed. You have to make it clear to them why you want to activate your staff or volunteers.

If they spend 40 hours of work a week at your business, or ten hours a month volunteering at your church, your people must think an awful lot of your organization. Ask your people to occasionally share what they like about your business. Give them posts to share and keep them informed about new products or events that their friends might be interested in. Have regular meetings to discuss how your business can also share their good news that might be appropriate for your followers to know about. And be consistent! Don’t let the ball drop with your social media. No one likes getting used to special Facebook deals on Wednesday, Instagram Employee spotlights on Mondays, or staff recipies on Snapchat Story Sundays; and then have those posts disappear, without warning, because the organization didn’t go “all in.”

It Takes 3 to 6 months calendar

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