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4 Keys to Succeed for the Modern Salon, Spa, Barber Shop

Communication – This might seem very business 101 and yet, so many salon owners are not properly trained in the art of communication. Most salon or barber shop owners are or were good communicators with their own customers but don’t know how to listen to their staff or the overall needs and wants of every customer that walks through their business doors.

I recommend taking business classes and workshops on employee morale, customer relationship and nurturing. You should constantly be polling your staff and customers and making small adjustments and improvements to your business and how your receive information.

4 keys to success

Marketing – I’m a marketing expert and I’ve been using the main social media platforms since each of them started but the time has come that, not even myself, or you, can master each platform or marketing technique. Every business owner and service provider has to decide which platform or marketing outlet you want to concentrate on. You’ll now have to pay a coach to help you. Whether you decide to use Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or LinkedIn to reach new customers and keep existing customers happy, you’ve got to enlist the help of an expert. I’m a Twitter Expert but even I’ve had coaching to progress with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook advertising etc.  (EVERYONE must learn email marketing as part of the 4 keys to succeed!)

I suggest you start with email marketing and attend a webinar or read an eBook. Then set a goal to master it over 90 days which give you plenty of time and you won’t become overwhelmed. After the first 30 or 60 days, you can layer in Twitter or Instagram and give yourself a little time daily to play with that platform. Focus and learn; until you become an expert. Keep expanding to other social media platforms and start teaching your staff. Each individual service provider will learn to market themselves and may take over doing the actual day to day management of your business social media account but the owner has got to learn it first.


Partnerships – You’ve got to partner and network with other businesses that can lead to new customers. Share neighboring businesses specials, information. Combine specials, utilize and exchange business information. Share social media and marketing tips with your partners as well as what you learn from your different coaches.

Continuing Education – This encapsulates all 4 keys to succeed but, not only do owners need to keep educating themselves, they have to make sure their staff is being educated on the skills they need to keep the up their retention rate. Don’t neglect to teach social media marketing to your staff as well as how they should share your business’ content with their own clients. Education also helps the owners and service provider keep in-touch with industry professionals which inspire staying educated and sharing business experiences.

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