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Here are 3 interesting ways a Salon Suite Renter can make more money.

Since I’ve become a Salon Suite renter, I’ve learned a few more interesting ways to get more customers. I’d like to share these 3 unusual tips with you. They may not be new to you but I’m sure the twist with each one might have you scratching your head or excited enough to try them.

Hack #1) The Same Day: or the next day, or directly after your customer leaves the salon, email them a quick thank you and a wrap up which includes what you talked about and what products you recommended or sold to them and tell them you are looking forward to see them again. (Hopefully already scheduled.) You can also remind them to YELP! you or tell them about your client referral rewards program. Make a template of what key points you want to email to each client every day; which you can copy and paste and modify for each customer. If you do 5 clients a day it should take you no more than 10 minutes a day to do this hack. Do not use texting to do this! If you did this for three months you should increase your monthly income 5% to 25% and that’s awesome.

Hack #2) Pick 1 Add-On Service that is fast, fancy, fun and inexpensive that you think almost every one of your customers will like. Then, at the end of the week, ask them on their Facebook timeline how they liked that service. I guarantee you that you’ll get more new clients through Facebook than you ever have before and you’ll also be keeping your business top-of mind with your customers.

Hack #3) Schedule a Night out with your Hairdresser Day! Yup: I’m saying that I want you to meet all of your customers (or your top 25) at a bar or a pub and I want you to have a drink with them. You don’t have to get the bar to give drink tickets. You don’t have to give your client anything. Just invite your clients to meet you out someplace for fun. Make sure you create an Evite at least two months ahead and pass out flyers to customers leading up to the event. Plan this for the beginning of a slow month on a weekday. Whether you have 5 people or 50 people show up, take pictures and share them via social media and in your emails for months to come. You’ll have more requests from clients who could not make it the first time to have another one when they see your pictures in a monthly email blast or on SnapChat, Facebook or Twitter. Hey, Salon Suite Renter, you’ll create a “buzz” and more word-of-mouth than you ever could with a campaign which might take more time or money. Click here to check out the Salon Suite App you should definitely try out. Use it alone or with your other scheduling apps. The LISA App is the UBER of salon apps! The LISA App



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