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Video Marketing

Businesses both small and large cannot neglect video as part of their marketing. I specialize in helping salons and professional beauty brands as well as restaurants and small business with their social media, PR and content. What I find most surprising is that most of them will leave out video as part of the Social Media + PR + Content Trifecta. So many businesses shy away from this non-traditional way of marketing.

VIDEO MARKETING IS KEY! New Marketers show and tell instead of rely on advertising.

Recently I put a social media and PR proposal together for a new restaurant and my first step was to immediately line up a professional videographer. We needed to make a few 1 minute inspiring shots of the owner and  the head chef talking about their eatery’s new concept. They had such a passion for food and it needed to be captured. Anyone who would see these two speak would want to come to the restaurant when it opened up.

Jen Chicago

I know I can reach a target market with both video and content about a client, a book, a salon or a restaurant. I can do this through targeting emails to the press (I don’t rely on Press Releases) and I use social media for searches as well as viral reach. But when a client has a video embedded in their website, or I have a short video available with my written content to show off the personality of a person or product, I know I can get a potential customer hooked. Even I fall in-like when I can actually see a person using a product or talking about something passionately.

How do you grab attention with Video Marketing?

Here are three tips to get started:

1)Use a professional the first time and get the most from your money.

In Chicago I use a friend of mine: Jen can come to your business and shoot several videos of your salon or restaurant. She’ll work with you on pre-production planning so you or your business will look great. She’s such an expert and will give you tips on how to maximize your professional looking videos as well. Make sure you get several short videos so you can use them in your website, emails and blogs. A service like Jen’s should cost around $500 per video if you get a package.

2)Make your own Video!

You should always have a few professional videos that you use in rotation with your marketing. But short micro-blog videos via Instagram, Vmeo or Vine are great for quick little “Look what we just cooked up” video that you can periodically post to Facebook or Twitter.  Just be consistent at how often you do micro videos like this because youe friends and followers will begin to like and expect more of them!

3)Videos are a Blip in Time.

Starting out with doing your first videos for you company is super important. But don’t take yourself or your business so seriously. Even if you feel your Jen Chicago videos and your Instagram videos are perfect, they are only going to last you a short while. Your websites, blogs, media and social media will require more in the future. So relax and show off your business. If you didn’t like the way your haircut looked in the first videos, there’s always time to make another one.

Vantage Points

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