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3 Social Media Tips for Non Profit Organizations

How to sell more tickets with social media

New Members * More Donations * Volunteers * Keep Existing Members Happy * Sell More Tickets

I’ve worked with Non Profit Organizations as a volunteer, organizer, content writer, brander and leader. As a consultant, I am always amazed at how complicated many NFP’s, Theaters, Churches etc. seem to make their social media and marketing. They hardly ever have a social media expert assisting them: “We have a girl doing our Twitter…” “I don’t know our email open rate…” “Facebook doesn’t really work for us…”

The fact of the matter is that NFP’s, Theaters and Spiritual Organizations have so much great content to share which would and could and should entice new ticket buyers, new volunteers, more donations and donors!

Here’s my 3 Social Media Tips for Non Profit Organizations

1) Re-cycle your content, over and over.

social media recyclesLet’s say you are a theater group. You have available, like, a bazillion stored pixel of your rehearsals, your shows, your guest stars and editorial written about you. It’s all there on your camera, the internet, YELP, Citysearch, your Facebook page, and even on one of your staff members’ Instagram accounts. If you had a blog within your website you should be writing an “SEO’d” piece about your “Acting Classes in Chicago,” “Best Chicago Theater,” or “Behind the Scenes with ABC Theater.” Of course you would use the pictures culled from yourself, the internet and your associates. Post often on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Go back and clean up your YouTube videos and past blogs: YouTube videos should have a clear description of the short video as well as a call to action: ‘Please Donate’ or your website info ‘For Classes and New Shows’ or ‘Use secret code ABC’ to get $5 off groups of 4 or more!’ If you have old long blogs, cut them down, add more pictures and recycle and post again with “call to action” on each one: “Please check out our new play,” “Sign up for our Newsletter,” “Donate Button.”

2) Be consistent and interact.

theater InteractMost NFP’s are worthy organizations and they need a constant influx of public funding and volunteers. They also need to keep their existing constituents happy so they don’t spend most of their time and money with different worthy organization. Social media allows any person or entity to reach out and attract new relationships which might convert to new business. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram also afford organizations to keep existing members happy with a simple “thank you” or an acknowledgement; and this also makes the organization feel more human. And that’s a nice thing, isn’t it?

The best and only way to properly use social media platforms is to consistently post content that would be relevant and enticing to the people following you. And you must respond when someone comments on your content, or tries to connect with you via Facebook Twitter etc.

3) Use your images, pictures and videos!

cinema Use videos and picturesAs I stated before, when you go back and clean up and shorten your blogs and add “call to action” on your video descriptions & blogs, you must begin to think of the pictures you have at your disposal as your best marketing tools. Imagery is the new “micro-blogging!” If you are a church and you have a picture of one of your ministries playing in the snow, you could add a caption, such as, “Sunday Funday at ABC Spiritual Centre!” Upload that picture to Pinterest with a URL link back to your Sunday schedule page.

OR: post the actual picture on Facebook and type a comment with a URL back to your Sunday schedule. See how much interaction you get with that tip: probably a LOT more than some of the older long blogs you had published. If you have built up a good social media platform, and even if you haven’t, when you Google your organization in two weeks, and after you’ve used these tips, you’ll see what one little picture has done for your organization via “hits” to your website.
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