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Strategy & Setup for Small to Large Businesses

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Jon-David aka Mafia Hairdresser

A full-service social media expert.

Let Jon-David setup, create and automate your Email-Content-Video-Website-Blogs-Twitter-Pinterest-LinkedIn-YouTube-WordPress-Facebook-Instagram!

“Jon-David plants seeds for marketing and social media that are forward-thinking, grounded and exciting. He sees and feels my audience and shares powerful insights with me for how to better connect with them. Loving this guy’s sparkling gems!”

Aliess Kime

CONTACT JON-DAVID for FREE 30-Minute Consultation / Coaching / Guesting / Speaking & find out how you can incorporate social media mindfulness into your business to counter the chaos online!

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Who is this Guy?

Jon-David is internationally recognized as a social media pioneer and has been into marketing for over 35 years. A noted author, playwright, salon owner, consultant and speaker, Jon-David specializes in helping people and brands that help other people.

An Internet and content expert who can set up your entire social media success program!

Co-Founder of Made In Chicago Speaker’s Bureau, a lifetime working with the public as well as being a 2nd City and Chicago Acting Studio trained actor imbues Jon-David’s communication skills to help the individual business owner comprehend all things internet.

Jon-David believes in Social Media Mindfulness.

  • If you’re not visible online, your business is invisible to new clients, future employees, donors, volunteers & donors.
  • The internet can be chaotic but there is no reason to be part of the negative chatter.
  • You do not have to spend a lot of time online to do your social media correctly.
  • Let me teach you and your staff how to be social-media-smart with your time and message. 
  • Let me teach you social media mindfulness which includes keeping your existing customers happy and recommending your brand.

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ebooks by jon-david mafia hairdresser

Why “MAFIA HAIRDRESSER?” Jon-David wrote a novel which became the brand. It stuck!

Did you know that most Indie-Novelists become Social Media Experts?

Scandal: Jon-David did a short stint as a private hairdresser for a mob couple in the 1980’s!

Authors Must Be Able To Market Themselves. To market his own eBooks, Jon-David applied his promotional skills, gleaned from being a small-business owner, actor and producer. A “Twilebrity” was born! Mafia Hairdresser has been educated by the top social media forerunners and digital marketing innovators in Chicago and now spends his time creating social media mindfulness strategies for companies who want to cut through the online chaos.

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