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Intimate private hair studio in the Gold Coast of Chicago.

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Strategy & Setup for Small to Large Businesses.

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Top hair & body care, styling tools & nail products.

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Mafia Hairdresser – a real hairdresser and one of the top marketers in the beauty industry.

“Helping support people achieve their business goals from behind the chair and on the internet!”

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ebooks by jon-david mafia hairdresser

Scandal: Jon-David did a short stint as a private hairdresser for a mob couple in the 1980’s!

This was a tale that needed to be told so Jon-David wrote Mafia Hairdresser a novel which became the brand.

Did you know that most Indie-Novelists become Social Media Experts?

Authors Must Be Able To Market Themselves. To market his own eBooks, Jon-David applied his promotional skills, gleaned from being a small business owner, actor and producer. A “Twilebrity” was born! Mafia Hairdresser has been educated by the top social media forerunners and digital marketing innovators in Chicago.

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